Western Academic Talent Search - Benefits

· Grade level testing often does not reveal the upper limits of student abilities. Participants gain early experience taking an above‐level or college entrance test, reporting increased comfort with standardized testing and significant score gains that can make the difference when applying to college. The more times students participate, the more steady increases in success.

· With permission, schools receive information about talent search results. School officials are better able to accommodate students’ course choices or curriculum modifications with this information.

· Scholarship opportunities become available and many gates are opened and qualification requirements met for higher level programming, advanced opportunities, scholarships, grade‐level adjustments, or schools for gifted. Talent Search is an outstanding resume‐builder, especially when 150,000 other very bright students are participating (see our web resources!).

· Students are invited to participate in the CBK Summer Programs, designed to provide an optimal match and allow students entering 4th-11th grades to develop a socio‐emotional network of peers in a living/learning community. Many students age through these programs with lifelong CBK friends.

· Top scoring participants are invited to a regional Recognition Ceremony, if one is offered in your state, or can travel regionally (see Application for specific qualifying test dates, as all dates are not eligible for consideration)

· During the spring, participants receive the annual WATS Interpretive Guide, which provides information needed to interpret test scores in relationship to other grade-level Talent Search participants across the Western region.

· Young students do not otherwise have an above-level assessment available to them.

· Scores are archived by WATS but can only be reported by families, meaning there is no risk in participating. 9th grade students have the scores included as part of  their testing company personal account which only you can access in the event that your student did well and you choose to report them for early decision or access—they are part of a comprehensive score report that some universities require. The goal is a positive student experience, regardless of the final test score. Why not sign up?

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