Summer Programs - Health Services

Although we may be able to schedule a visit to a local health clinic for acute diagnoses, most injuries and illnesses require transport to the emergency room. Personal health insurance is required for attendance at any program and the Medical Release Form in the acceptance packet mailing must be completed. All medications, including all non-prescriptions such as pain relievers or vitamin supplements must be stored in the Residential Director's office. The only exceptions to this policy will be for emergency life-saving medications such as epinephrine devices or insulin. CBK staff members will not administer medications (they will only be monitored), except in the event of a life-saving emergency. Transportation costs to clinics and/or hospitals are the responsibility of the family. CBK attempts to use the least expensive transportation mode when possible. Campus health service is not available. Mental health crises may require transportation to and evaluation by hospital staff at the discretion of CBK.


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