Summer Programs - Course Evaluation and Selection

Students should choose courses to which they are willing to commit time, energy, and enthusiasm, and that are in line with their academic strengths, interests, and educational objectives. These choices will be reviewed for optimal match. Students will be placed in their first choice courses when possible. First choices are honored on a first-come, first-served basis. Class size for all courses is limited based on enrollments. Courses with too few students will be cancelled and students moved to their next available choice. Applications will not be considered until fully complete. Students should only list courses on their application which they are willing and motivated to attend, if assigned. This includes second and third choice courses.

The application fee is nonrefundable for any reason, including course assignment.

CBK reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient enrollment.

Instructors use a variety of assessment techniques, including observation, project-based evaluation, rubrics, and pre-assessments throughout the programs. Skills are assessed, but there are no grades or point scales for SHINE or GLOW Programs. Luminary Project participants will be assigned a grade for the purpose of transfer. Due to the rigor and acceleration of courses in comparison to traditional environments, no grade lower than a B- will be assigned. A grade of P indicates that the student participated but will not be eligible for credit. Students should talk to their guidance counselors in advance of the program to determine whether a course will be considered for equivalency. On the final Saturday of each program, students and their families participate in a mandatory exit interview with the instructor to discuss their achievements in class and final evaluation. This interview is followed by the essential closing ceremony at which students are recognized for their accomplishments and participation. Plan to attend.

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