I’m a parent. How can I help my child apply for the Young Scholars Program? Fact Sheet
As a parent, you play a critical role in the application process. First and foremost, your child needs your encouragement. The simple act of saying, “Go for it!” can make a world of difference to your child’s confidence, not to mention his or her ability to complete the application.

Second, you need to be a time manager. Applications are available beginning in January each year. Get an application as soon as possible, and don't wait to complete it. There are absolutely no exceptions to the deadline date in April.

Finally, there is a section of the application that you, as a parent, need to complete. Overcoming your own fears and frustrations with the application is essential to your child’s candidacy and an excellent way for you to model thinking big, working hard and achieving success.

I'm a family member or student - what are the expectations of me?

I’m an educator. How can I get involved with this program?
Thank you so much for your interest! The Center for Bright Kids welcomes educator participation in all its programs. Please contact us to discuss opportunities that might be a good fit for your skills and interests. With the Young Scholars Program, for instance, we love it when educators choose to support and guide one or two students through the application process. Your influence and encouragement can truly change lives!