This year, an eligibility checklist will be your first stop to making application - if you do not meet the criteria, you will not be able to access the application. The criteria are:

1) You need to be entering 8th grade in fall of 2014.

2) Since the beginning of 6th grade, you need to have earned all or mostly all A's in core academic subjects with no C's or lower - these subjects include mathematics, sciences, social studies/history, and English/language arts classes.

3) Your family's adjusted gross income (AGI) MUST be below $80,000 and you must show unmet financial need. Please note: the AVERAGE annual family income of the previous class of selected scholars was $27,000.

Please read these criteria closely - if you do not meet ALL four requirements, this scholarship is not an opportunity you may pursue. We advise you to seek other sources of funding to tackle your educational future.