2015 Application and Guidelines

The 2015 Application is available this year ONLINE and you are expected to apply using this method and only this method. Please contact CBK if you do not have readily available access to a computer.

To be notified when the Young Scholars Program application period opens, please register here.

The application is long and the competition steep. Is it really worth it to apply?
“Think Big. Work Hard. Achieve.” This year's application process is streamlined from previous years, but it will still take some real time and concentration. By applying, you gain practice in thinking big. By applying, you must work hard. But only by applying will you achieve the benefits that submitting an application can bring.

Does this mean everyone should apply? No. Do make sure you meet the eligibility requirements, consider the selection criteria and are willing to uphold the Foundation’s expectations of Young Scholars. Contact us if you have questions or want to discuss this question further.

How can CBK help me with the application process?
If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, we’ll encourage you. If you have questions, we’ll provide answers. If you’re halfway through and don’t think you can meet the deadline, we’ll remind you what is at stake and boost your energy for completing the task. Applying for any scholarship can be a lonely job.

The Young Scholars Application is an ONLINE process!