Western Academic Talent Search

Please drop us an email with your full postal service mailing address at cbk@centerforbrightkids.org if you would like to be added to the mailing list for the 2014-2015 WATS season. Bulletins and Applications for the current season have been mailed. The 2013-2014 season has drawn to a close.

2014-2015 Testing Dates


Nov 8, 2014; Jan 24, 2015; Feb 21, 2015


Dec 13, 2014; Feb 7, 2015; Apr 18, 2015 (late)


Dec 6, 2014; Jan 24, 2015; Mar 14, 2015 (late)

The Western Academic Talent Search is an academic talent search program based on above-level testing and optimal match. Since many bright young students achieve above grade level, the talent search may more accurately measure their abilities than traditional in-grade achievement tests. The SAT, ACT, and EXPLORE tests provide a higher ceiling and valuable assessment information for young academically talented students. Taking these tests also provides students with early experience in taking college entrance-type tests. Students who have participated over the years report increased comfort with standardized testing and significant score gains based upon Talent Search experiences.